Assess and Communicate Water Risks Confidently

We help organisations and governments identify and adapt to location-specific water risks globally & train the next generation of water risk experts

Our Services

We offer specialised water risk advisory and training

Water Risk Assessments

We help corporates, financial institutions and governments assess location-specific water risks holistically - including physical, infrastructure and governance risks - to understand underlying challenges and make informed decisions

Water-related Advisory

We provide advisory services for private sector, governments and development organisations on all topics around water risks, water policy & governance and water stewardship

Water Risk Trainings

We train the next generation of water risk experts via our two flagship training programs: the in-depth 12-week live and inter-active Water Risk Assessment Certification and the Water Risk Crash Course

Why Choose Us

Internationally Recognised

Our founder has worked over the past 13 years with notable clients such as World Bank, UN, Circle of Blue and leading Multinational Companies

Thought Leaders

We are at the forefront of shaping water risk assessments & developed the first blueprint for in-depth assessments

Global Collective

Unique network of 75+ water experts trained in water risks across the globe 

Agile + Local

Our unique network structure allows us to move swiftly with local experts across the globe 

About the Founder

Water Security Collective is a Dubai-based company focusing on water risk advisory and training. It was founded in 2021 by Jennifer Moeller-Gulland. 

Jennifer has been focusing on assessing water risk and identifying solutions for multiple countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA as well as for production sites and supply chains for corporates. Clients include the World Bank, 2030 Water Resources Group, UN and Multi-National companies. She also gained on-ground experience through her photojournalistic projects with Circle of Blue. 

Recognising the gap in solid water risk assessments, she developed a blueprint for in-depth assessments based on her assessments with the World Bank and MNCs. To train the next generation of water risk experts, she is now teaching how to assess and communicate water risks in her online trainings. 

The graduates of the 12-week Water Risk Assessment Certification Training form part of the Collective and allow for a close network of water risk experts across the globe and across professions. This allows Water Security Collective to be agile in project completion and include localised experts for in-depth insights. 

Jennifer was previously Manager at PwC and completed her BSc in International Economics and Finance (cum laude) from Tilburg University and her MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management from Oxford University.



"Jennifer has successfully leveraged her background and experience in economics, water management, and policy to water stress and resultant risk. She is adept at doing this at a national level, as well as at a city level. This is unique as both perspectives are often necessary when posing solutions at either. Jennifer understands the fundamental nature of water, in economies, society, and ecosystems, and the many ways it is stressed, while being able to tease from that complexity potential risk, forming a strong basis for action.”
Greg Koch,
Technical Director, ERM;
Prev. Senior Director Global Water Stewardship, The Coca-Cola Company
“From crisp boardroom presentations to gritty and comprehensive fieldwork, Jennifer puts the world’s water risks and challenges in strategic context. She uniquely combines her sense of exploration and strong leadership to make complex issues relevant and define clear actions for people, businesses, governments, and institutions."
J Carl Ganter,
Circle of Blue, Managing Director | G-20 Advisory
“Jennifer was responsible for several of the hydro-economic analyses we did during the time when I was the Head of the 2030 Water Resources Group at IFC (World Bank Group). She had a very strong commitment to the work we did, and showed a deep knowledge of water/environmental economics as well as the policy and political aspects of this difficult and often sensitive nature of this field. She was also good at building trust with the partners within the countries we were working which was necessary for the successful outcome of these studies/analyses”
Anders Berntell
Prev. Executive Director at 2030 Water Resources Group (World Bank)

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